Your Business Name Should Not be Your Website’s Only Keyword

When it comes to web design and Internet marketing that's what you can hear from many small business owners. Guess what? Most of the times there are talking about "people being able to find them on the Web" it's about using their business name as a search term. It's simple – you type your company name in and see the results. Bam! You're number one in Google! You can navigate here to know how to name your business.

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Little consideration is given to the fact that their business name is unique- so there are no direct competitors for that particular search term. In other words, people must know their business name to be able to find it on the Web. Somehow they have to be aware of your company's existence before they start looking for your website.

That's ok for some companies that are not looking for online exposure. There are using their websites as marketing collateral – just to educate potential clients about their business. However, most companies need to go far beyond that and use their web sites as an effective tool for finding new clients. In this case, bidding just on your company's name as a search term is not enough. You have to stat building up you online presence.

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