What to Know about Dry Oxygen

Virtually always, if your doctor suggests you dry oxygen as opposed to other types of house oxygen equipment, she or he will also suggest that you use a humidifier. As a matter of fact, it is vital to have more than one humidifier when you use dry oxygen. The reason for that is that without a humidifier, particular threats run – and, in the minimum, it's much less comfortable to use dry oxygen equipment with no humidifier.

Image result for Dry OxygenConsequently, when dry oxygen is used by one, for whatever motive, a particular amount of moisture must be kept in the surrounding environment. Most of all, the dry oxygen emitted as it truly is delivered by your dry oxygen equipment will be adhered to by the humidity in the air. However, clean water is required by the oxygen that is dry. You can also look for low flow nasal cannula by clicking right over here. Nasal cannula is used to deliver oxygen when low or medium concentration is required, and the patient is in a stable state.

Humidifiers or your humidifier must be regularly emptied and refilled with clean water for several reasons. The minerals and other things included in regular tap water could potentially cause damage to your dry oxygen equipment. Thus, you must also be sure the humidifier is frequently cleaned with water and soap – completely rinsed, and the water is consistently replaced firmly with water that is filtered. Then you can attach the humidifier to your own mask or your nasal cannula.

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