Transforming your bike to Motorcycle

Very often we see kids decorating their bikes with fancy things to make it look all the more cooler. This article talks about not only transforming the looks, but transforming the sound as well. So for everyone who are planning to transform their bikes to motorcycles and wondering how to make your bike sound like a motorcycle, this is the place to get all your answers.

For the transformation of looks, one can go with Tube lights to enhance the beauty of the bike and give it a glamorous look. Another thing which can do is covering the bike with glow in the night tapes. These tapes would glow brightly at night making your bike look like an absolute hero and a head turner.


Now coming to the sound part, there are many ways to make your bike sound like a motorcycle. Below mentioned are a few of them:-

1)      You can use the masking tape and put it in such a way so that it touches the spokes of your bicycle. Now, whenever you would ride, your bike would sound like a motorcycle.

Another way is to use a card like a sports card in place of a masking tape. Place it at the same position to get the sound of a motorcycle.

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