Traditional Chinese medicine is a new perspective of healing

People in the western world are acquainted with the methods by which the doctors do the practice of healing with the traditional Chinese medicine. The ancient eastern practice of medicine is called traditional Chinese medicine. It has become very popular in the western world. You need to know about the illness in the human body if you want to be aware how illness is treated in the traditional Chinese medicine.

The traditional Chinese medicine is based on the philosophy of Taoism. The human body is a set of systems that are associated with each other. The systems work in balance with each other for the maintenance of healthy function of the body.

This is actually the principle of Yin and Yang. These two aspects are in motion always. They maintain a balance in the body. Illness takes place when Yin or Yang are in excess or if they are less. The traditional Chinese medicine doctors are highly trained to see the body, mind and spirit.

They treat the disease in a holistic way. The yin and yang are treated in relation to qi, blood and some other body fluids.

Some popular therapies of traditional Chinese medicine are acupuncture, herbal medicine and the qi gong exercises. You have to be used to Long Zhong Tang TCM

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