Quit Smoking and Taste Your Food Again

When was the last time you tasted your favorite food, I mean really tasted it? Because if you're a smoker you do not taste the flavors of the foods you eat anymore. Smoking numbs your taste buds, it's like they are anesthetized.

Think back to when you had your first cigarette, did you like the taste? Or was it something you got used too. Now you are used to not tasting your food. You can click here http://www.melbournecognitivehypnotherapy.com.au/ to know more about the hypnotherapy Melbourne.


Your tongue is made up of thousands of tiny, little nerve endings called taste buds. These are deadened by smoking, not letting you enjoy the flavor of the food you put in your mouth or enjoy even the aroma. No, you're busy poisoning the taste buds on your tongue making them not able to their job properly. The sense of taste and smell are dulled in smokers.

Eating is a wonderful part of life. Whether savoring subtle flavors on your tongue or inhaling the aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, when you're a smoker you miss out on these delicious little bits of life. And the sad part is you don't realize it. Smoking gradually inhibits your taste buds to not function the way they were made too. It's a slow process so you're thinking all is well when it's not.

After you quit your taste buds will awaken again. Damaged taste buds can heal. You might be surprised at the intense flavor of some foods after you stop putting smoke in your mouth. It is a pleasure to taste and smell, to live life to the fullest without having the annoying and destructive habit of smoking preventing you from these senses.


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