Quick Weight Loss With a Food Journal – Eat It, Drink It, Write It

Want quick, safe weight loss? Studies have frequently shown that dieters who use food diaries lose more weight, and keep the weight off longer, than those who don't. Discover how to journal your way to a good health and a slim figure.

1. Fast Weight Loss the Easy Way: Pen Power

It seems too easy to be true. Can you really lose weight quickly with a food journal? Yes, you can. When you write down everything you eat and drink each day, you'll find that you're motivated and that you cut down on what you eat automatically.To know more about quick weight loss you may browse http://sustainabody.co/.

You can keep a food journal in a paper notebook, on your computer, or on your iPhone. Computer journals make it easy: they have calorie and carb counters, which make it easy to see when you're at or over your limit for the day.

Just write down everything you eat and drink, even the "tastes" you have of food when you're cooking. You'll be amazed at how the calories mount up. When you see how many calories you're spending on sweets and sodas, you'll cut down.

In addition to writing down what you're consuming, make a note of your moods, especially at snack times. If you find that you need a sweet snack in the middle of the morning or in the afternoon, you form a different strategy for those times.

2. Add Photos to Your Food Diary

Adding photos to your journal can inspire you. If you have a camera on your phone, snap a photo of yourself every few days. You'll see that your body is changing. This will inspire you on those days that losing weight seems too much trouble.

3. A Food Diary on Your iPhone: Check the App Store for Weight Loss Journals

If you have an iPhone, keeping a food diary can be fun. There are several iPhone apps which cost less than a dollar: they're fun to use, and they let you track your daily calorie and carb count.

Since you always have your phone with you, you can simply enter your meals. The small apps contain a food database, so entering that slice of pizza takes just a couple of taps.

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