Ordering Cheap Baby Clothes Does indeed not always mean Ordering Cheap

For many years marketers have used the power of pricing to establish a value proposition in consumers' minds. Expensive has quickly become synonymous with quality and luxury and it's time we took a look at the facts.

If you bought cheap baby clothes for $5 on a baby deals website you would automatically assume they were of poor quality because of the price but have you considered what the real value is of the baby clothes and kids stuff you buy? Wholesale Baby Bibs or Baby Burp Cloths and Cute Baby Bibs – Bambini Infant Wear offer a wide selection baby Security and Receiving Blankets offered by Infant Blanks come in a variety of sizes and colours.

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Retailers are sitting on a 200 – 300% markup on all the goods they are selling. Take a $200 top from a high-end retail store. This store bought this top from the distributor for $50 and the distributor took a 10% distribution fee from the wholesaler who bought the top from a factory somewhere in the world for $20. You can go through to buy the cheap and affordable clothes.

(Keep in mind that the factory still made a profit from selling the top for $20 in the first place.) If you bought the top for $20 it wouldn't hold the same quality perception or brand value in your mind – would it? It's important to remind ourselves that when we buy from traditional retailers we are also paying for their rent, staff, electricity and equipment.

Baby Deals websites such as Bargain Babe are bridging the gap between wholesale and retail by cutting out the fat that's added on with lengthy distribution supply chains. Consumers get to buy cheap baby clothes and other great baby deals at prices wholesalers would buy the item at simply because they are buying as a group and as a group can share in bulk buying discounts.

Another consideration when shopping for your kids is the fact that you should not have to pay a premium for an item that's going to be outgrown faster than the changing fashion. It makes sense to shop smart, look out for overstock sales and baby and kids deals websites. Everyone loves a bargain and it certainly does not mean you are buying cheap in all senses of the word.

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