Online businesses are proving to be a threat to printing industry

With printing industry at full peak in retail market, some of the market share holders are worried about the new trend of online sales. With online sales of services, most of the companies are now focusing on online advertisements instead of getting huge billboards printed and hanged over different parts of the city. According to recent surveys, although print industry has full customers with regular orders but some of the online services providing companies are now not using their for printing leaflets and other hard copy printing works.

This is quite serious as a few months back there were potential customers who were using our services to advertise their products and services. The majority of these deviators are more into online business and they are spending in online advertisement of their business instead of advertising it in the local area.

SEO and other important graphic factors have changed the way people used to advertise their products in the town and now companies are not bound to one particular area. They have spread out their online services in different regions and using online media is the best source for them to advertise their business. Printing industry is quite worried with this new trend. 


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