Kalanggaman Island Package

White sandy shores and clear water beaches are one of the Philippines’ top travel spots wherein their (tourists) itineraries include such place. One of the best stop to go on an island adventure is the well-known Kalanggaman or Calanggaman Island, situated near the province of Palompon Leyte. It is a 2 hectare island and surrounded as well-guarded fish sanctuaries. Even if the island was long discovered by the municipality, its view and mood stayed the way it is as if it was untouched. Its fine white sand, long shore for long walks and its clear water sums up the island’s vibe.

Since there is an increase in tourist visits, a  Kalanggaman Island tour package is offered to foreign and non-local tourists for their convenience. All the things that they are going to do are already laid out plus, they don’t have to think of how to get to point A then to point B. Adventure seekers can enjoy their stay in the island since water sports are made available, from snorkeling, free diving, stand-up paddling and recreational diving as well. They definitely enjoy the island’s marine ecosystem top it with how clear the water is. Kalanggaman Island is the best place to spend a vacation and let time pass by.

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