How To Make The Difficult Decision Between Vinyl And Wood Blinds?

The custom blinds are considerably less expensive than wood shutters and not only that but they also allow for more natural light which makes nearly any room look better.

It wasn't too long ago that buying wide blinds like this wouldn't be a cost-effective way of dealing with a window treatment situation but now there are varied choices that almost anyone can afford. If you want to know more about blinds Sydney reviews, you can read more from the web.


So, how does one choose between wood blinds or vinyl blinds? For starters, you need to know that there positives and negatives on both, and the major difference are price and color. Wood blinds will be quite a bit more expensive than vinyl but they are also available in a much wider assortment of colors.

You should endeavor to match the wood that is already in your home if you have wood trim and molding. With the variety of color choices, it should be relatively easy to match the stain. Wood blinds can add a look of elegance and sophistication and make any room go from blah to wow!

Believe it or not, wood blinds are also lighter than vinyl in most cases and could be the perfect choice for those extra wide double or triple windows. Because the wood blinds are lighter this can prevent the bowing that is prevalent in the middle of blinds on large windows. Wood blinds may also be made the custom fit the same way as vinyl to give a uniform look.

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