How To Increase The Bounce On A Trampoline

Whether you are having fun in the backyard or taking part in an athletic competition, one trait all trampolinists share is a desire to bounce higher. There are some of the adjustments that can be made that will give you a noticeable increase in the amount of bounce you get from your trampoline. Step one is to use the largest trampoline you can find. The larger the surface area of the trampoline, the more the material will give when you jump into it. This allows more recoil that is the amount of upward force that is exerted when the trampoline bounces you back into the air.

Step two is to jump as close to the exact centre as possible. The middle of the trampoline will be the point that has the greatest give, which also means it will have the greatest recoil, providing more bounce and lift when you come out of the jump. Jumping in the centre of then trampoline will provide more bounce than jumping closer to the edge.

Step there is to add more springs to your trampoline .buying an anchor kit will allow you to add more 8.5 inch springs around the parameter of the trampoline thereby increasing the amount of bounce the trampoline generates. Trampolines used in athletic competitions typically have 126 springs, are typically rectangular in shape and measure 17 by 10 feet. The average home trampoline has 84 springs and is round with a 12ft diameter. You can find more information  by reading the vuly trampolines review.

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