Do I Need A Website or Not ?

Our clients often ask us whether having a decent website really makes a difference or if a Facebook page is enough to get their brand/product out there. Our answer is absolutely yes, your customers need to have a wonderful, consistent experience of your brand from their first online contact right through to the final product/service. Including a really engaging website and social community. 


We found this first hand with two separate Melbourne based child day care centres we were doing 3D animation, character design and marketing consultant serviceswork for. One, Villa Bambini, was still under construction when they engaged us to design a new website and develop their social media community. The other, Melbourne Juniors had been open for nine years and already had a website which (according to our clients) appeared to be 'working'. They also had a really active and engaged Facebook community and so focused their efforts on keeping their 'likers' happy. 


We developed a series of Facebook ads to reach new young families in the local areas. The results for Villa Bambini were exceptional, with every space filled before the centre even opened. Yet we struggled to drive enquiries for Melbourne Juniors despite having better engagement in terms of people clicking through from the Facebook ads. The disconnect was the experience they had once they got to the website. For Villa Bambini there was some great content and inspiring images. Yet the families interested in the Melbourne Juniors Facebook ads clicked through to the website only to be lost in a sea of uninspiring content. 


These results gave us the ammo we needed to convince our clients that the Melbourne Juniors website needed a facelift. Our new website has been up and running for a couple of weeks and lo and behold we've had more enquiries in the last few weeks than in the last six months combined. Proof in the pudding that you can hook in a new potential client with a great ad and Facebook community, but you also need a stellar website that's reflective of the quality service you are providing.


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