Choosing An Appropriate Guitar Cable

It is straightforward for a guitarist to forget the bundle of wiring that supply life to their amplifier, however in reality, an electric guitar cable plays an enormous role in deciding the overall audio and tonal quality of your electric guitar. That is why it's important to choose an appropriate electric guitar cable that fulfills both your music demands as well as your budget.

Following are the few things to look out for when determining the quality of a guitar cable:-

Low Microphonic Characteristics – This means that the cable should not easily produce audible noises from your amplifier when hit on the ground, or moved during playing. (A low quality cable will often times make a "thud" noise when hit off of the ground)

Sturdy Plugs – I recommend purchasing a cable with coated ends, so that the persistent bending of the cable at the ends that occurs during playing does not affect your sound. If you wish to know more about guitar cables then you can buy best quality instrument cable online.

Sturdy Look – This is one of those cases where you can judge a book by its cover. If it looks cheap, then it probably is cheap and you want to avoid it. Look for a quality coating on the wires, and sturdy end plugs.

Quality Brand Name – A brand can only become well known for quality products in one way; Making quality products.

Lack of Tone Loss – There should not be a noticeable loss in tone when using a cable that is a reasonable length of 20ft or less.

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