Best Led TV among All

Nowadays with the advancement of technology world of TVs is also trending and which made people to look up for HD TVs, the LED high definition box is the hot topic nowadays and this has been reproduced in the sales of LED TVs over the last 12 months. Firstly it must be said that the term 'LED TV' is perhaps not the best description for this type of television.

There are various types of TVs available in the market such as samsung 110 inch tv and many more which provide various option to the person who is looking for best of the cameras. The very much accurate name would be LED-lit LCD TV and as the name advises, LED TVs are still LCD televisions that use LEDs to light the presentation.

Previously conventional LCD televisions used cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) to provide the light that makes the LCD images visible to the watcher. LEDs are being used rather than glowing lamps because of the developments that can be made due their features. These remunerations include improved color gamut, higher contrast ratios, slimmer designs and better energy efficiency.

Firstly improved color gamut (or the range of colors that are possible) is made possible by the use of RGB LEDs in back-lit LED TVs. RGB LEDs are capable of producing a more complete spectrum of white light than fluorescent lights can.

This 'whiter' light means that a wider range of color is produced when used to light an LCD panel, which ultimately makes for a better viewing experience. It is worth noting that LEDs are also used in edge-lit televisions, but these are usually white LEDs which have comparable qualities to fluorescent lamps are so produce a similar quality of picture.

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