Baby Posture – How To Improve It

Although your baby’s posture will mature as his muscles strengthen naturally, you may both enjoy bending and stretching exercises. As long as they are done gently, they will do no harm. And they are yet another way to spend pleasurable time with your baby- which will benefit you both.

Changing time is a good opportunity to do this; your baby will come to associate the pleasure of a clean, dry diaper with movement. Take your baby’s feet gently by the ankles and bend and straighten his legs a few times. Take it slowly, and stop if your baby doesn’t seem comfortable.

HEAD CONTROL: The most important physical change during your baby’s first weeks will be the development of neck strength and head control.

A newborn’s head is proportionately very large and heavy for his body, he must first gain control of his head.

Once your baby can raise his head from the mattress he will begin to increase his strength, which will encourage him to further locomotive skills. Holding your baby in the air in a facedown position will encourage him to raise his head, something that he will try for himself when lying on his stomach.

As he becomes stronger, your baby’s head control is steadier, and his spine will gradually take more of the weight of his torso. This is the first stage in his learning to sit, crawl, and walk.

LOCOMOTION: The first few months of your baby’s development is a very exciting time for you as a parent as you watch him first see the world, then move to become involved in it. As his coordination and muscle strength increase, your baby’s body control will quickly improve. The gradual refinement of his movements and his growing curiosity about his surroundings are excellent stimulation for all aspects of development. Every child develops at his own speed, however, and the ages given below for the various stages of coordination and control are only approximation.

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