A Guideline to Hiring an SEO Company – Be Aware of Deceptive Practices

There is rampant deception in this industry that needs to be addressed and that you as a business owner need to be aware of when you are hiring a marketing company that provides SEO, Link Building, and Social Media Marketing. Let's take a look at the SEO aspect of an online marketing campaign.

There are questions you need to ask when hiring an SEO, marketing, and web design company, and the answers are crucial in making your decision of which company you are going to hire. 

– On average, how many hours a month does your SEO company actually work to optimize and market your company? You can also visit https://bluematrixmedia.com/texas-seo/ to get more info about SEO.

– Does your SEO company do their optimization and marketing manually or by automation? 

– Will your SEO company not only work on internal website optimization but also work on marketing your website externally? 

– What do they provide with regard to their external marketing efforts and will they provide a detailed list of what they accomplished? 

– Will they research the top competitive keywords and phrases and use those in their SEO? 

– Are they marketing your business in the correct geographic regions? 

– Will they keep you involved with their marketing efforts and ask for your insight into their company and its goals? 

– What added benefits will they provide at no cost to you in order to boost your results because they care about your success and a long term relationship? 

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